Tuesday, September 13, 2011

experimenter effects: breakfast in bed

there are some up so high-hello then after a moment
of sobriety, cancelled TV show, accidentally burned a
hole in your passenger seat then goodbye- then those
few that hold you even higher. You must pretend to cry
when they move to Idahiowa for Jesus and you say: baby,
you are my greatest night. But we all know that he was
just to crunch summertime leaves with and peel pajamas
off of your bum, swelter in a comforted twin sized bed.
Hope your giggling at 4AM hain't waking little sister just
a wall away. Maybe you'll prove it soon, girl. Maybe you'll
be okay: guiltless: free: kissing all day & spending the early
evenings cooking for you--then two--and then you'll feel like

1 comment:

  1. like a merry-go-round of flavor and somehow you don't know how you ended up where you are at the end; a good feeling.